Asphalt Seal Coating should be applied every 2-3 years to preserve the life of your asphalt. This helps protect your asphalt with a protective coating to resist attacks from the elements like sun, rain water, oil, and gasoline. Sealcoating surface treatments also fill in small cracks, removing the potential for major repairs in the future.

Seal coating serves not only as a protectant, but also provides an attractive black coating to your driveway or parking lot, giving it the look of a newly paved surface.

Crack Sealing


After years of traffic, rain water, and freezing tempatures, your asphalt will eventually adhere to the forces of nature. Unsealed cracks allow water and dirt to enter, causing more damage to your asphalt. Sealing cracks early gives your asphalt many extra years of service, and steers you clear of expensive major repairs and replacement.

MSR Asphalt crack sealing services provides sealing of cracks 3/8″ or larger. Crack sealer is designed to seal joints and cracks. This allows for rain water to go to designated drainage areas, and not wash out your base.

Patching and Paving


In the event that cracks aren’t filled, potholes and large cracks will form on your asphalt. Potholes aren’t just aesthetically displeasing, they can also damage the suspension on vehicles over time. Potholes are also dangerous for pedestrians. With MSR, you can feel assured that the large cracks and potholes will be repaired well, and in a timely fashion.

Repairing potholes and larges cracks consists of cutting out the damaged asphalt, and replacing it with new asphalt and sealer. MSR provides a full ranges of services for asphalt repair and inspection.

Line Striping


A clean, well-lined parking lot is the first impression you give customers visiting your business. Before even entering you business, you can make a statement of professionalism. Not only does line striping look good, but it also provides a safe flow of traffic and can ensure less accidents in your lot.

MSR can provide line striping and other asphalt painting services upon request. Our team of skilled painters are fast and efficient to ensure your lot is available quickly.

Asphalt Stamping


The clean look of professionally installed pavers and stones can be achieved at a lower lifetime cost and with less lifetime maintenance through asphalt stamping. Compared to pavers, asphalt stamping will never separate, wash out, or become uneven. Asphalt also provides the strength and durability that stamped concrete cannot.

Whether it’s your driveway, patio, sidewalk, or road, we can provide a lasting, attractive surface needing little to no maintenance over its life.

Snow Plowing


As we all know, driving through the snow and ice is both dangerous and time consuming. Michigan has an average of 61 inches of snow coverage throughout the winter months — 6th in the nation. Snow and ice also damage asphalt over time, and without preventative actions your asphalt’s lifespan can be significantly shortened.

We deliver commercial snow removal and salting services with our fleet of dedicated drivers. We assure prompt service and a safe driving surface for your businesses and homes.